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I picked up a camera at a very early age (back in the 1950's). I think I was hooked on photography even then, and now it has become my passion. I live in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by the beauty of the San Juan Islands, therefore much of my photography has a nautical theme (boating, regattas, docks, piers, etc.) I also enjoy travel photography and have been fortunate to have visited many foreign countries and cultures. Portrait photography is another interest of mine. I have been hired to photograph children, families, reunions, and other special events.

While many photographers concentrate on one or a few areas of expertise, I enjoy the spontaneity and versatility of capturing images that are often not planned or composed in advance. The uncertainty of what I might find to photograph "right around the corner" is what is so exciting to me. I believe that a great image is one that draws the viewer in and evokes an emotion or response (of any kind) - these are the images I strive for. When asked which is my best image I always reply "It's the one I am going to take tomorrow!"